A Twins’ Tale…Story time

As these chaotic weeks of wedding planning fly by I’m filled with mixed emotions and very much reminded of many stories. Mostly stories that solidify just how united we are, in DNA, thoughts and emotions. Think about it, an identical twin is essentially one person (egg) that phenomenally split in two; why would there not be a strong tie between thoughts, feelings and emotions? Such was the case with me and my sister. Take for example, when were about 3 years old.

One day my family was getting dressed to go out. My mom had already dressed all 5 of us girls and was finishing up herself when my twin sister started crying. “Yet another tantrum, they always do this right before we have to leave”, she thought to herself. The crying turned into the tantrum of all tantrums…still no attention from mom. Well once my mom was all dressed, she lined us up to put on our sweaters and when she reached for my arm to put it in the sleeve she saw the burn. I had been playing around the ironing board and pulled on the cord so the still hot iron fell right onto my arm, leaving an imprint. By this time it was all red and blistering…I never cried or made a face, my sister did…she felt it, and I stood there as if nothing happened.

No doubt about it, we have a unique bond. And I’m sure there are many stories out there just like ours. It’s part of the amazement of being a twin, someone’s other half…


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